Arteta: Arsenal Have Lost Directions

FootyBiteApril 12, 2022

LONDON: Mikel Arteta admits his Arsenal deserve to be surprised by Brighton in the English Premier League action at the Emirates Stadium.

The Gunners lost for the second time in a row after Leandro Trossard and Enock Mwepu put Brighton ahead and Martin Odegaard closed the gap late in the game.

The defeat complicates Arsenal’s mission to be in the top four where Tottenham now lead by three points after thrashing Aston Villa 4-0.

“What’s happening now is that we are constantly criticizing ourselves, being punished again for our own mistakes.

“We played badly again in the first half and this needs to be corrected because this road is not going to get us anywhere, especially where we want to be.

“All the planning didn’t work out, what we wanted to show on the field didn’t come true. We didn’t control the ball well, and again came out as a weak team.

“We had no direction and showed no reaction to the pattern of play Brighton displayed. It was not a matter of attitude, but more of an approach and courage that we did not have.

“Players often see the same for themselves and have no initiative to do what they are supposed to. You can’t play that way. You have to try and change it.

“We have to play it all out in the remaining eight games,” Arteta said.