City Rose To Beat Southampton

FootyBiteMarch 11, 2021

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom: Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola praised his players for beating Southampton 5-2, despite being denied a penalty after being tied 1-1.

City are now 14 points clear of the English Premier League (EPL) as they come close to creating their third title in four years.

Guardiola’s 21-game winning streak ended at the hands of Manchester United on Sunday.

But City did not give the second-placed Red Devils a chance when they returned to the title chase as Riyad Mahrez and Kevin De Bruyne each scored twice.

Guardiola, however, is still furious after the referee’s assistance video (VAR) was not used when Alex McCarthy dropped Phil Foden.

The England midfielder tried to connect a pass to goal but the VAR did not tell referee Jon Moss to reconsider the incident.

“Jon didn’t see it but the VAR was there and not blowing the whistle for a penalty was something amazing,” Guardiola said.

“You know after four years, I’m not talking about the referees, but the action was amazing. Maybe one day they will explain to us the rules of the players and the manager.

“Because of that I’m proud, because at this club, I don’t know about anyone else. What we’ve been doing over the years we’ve been doing our way, that’s for sure.”