Liverpool Players Miss Melwood

FootyBiteMarch 17, 2021

LONDON: Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool players have now begun to adjust to the training ground at Kirkby.

The 50 million pound field is equipped with three pitches, two gyms, a sports hall, a swimming pool, hydrotherapy and a rehabilitation suite.

But there is one problem with the new training ground – the players hate it.

They would rather be in Melwood than the new place – just because the wind there is stronger.

The area is known as Windy Harbor and Sunday league players on Merseyside also don’t like playing there.

Klopp’s side have won the Champions League and the English Premier League-all the way from Melwood to Anfield.

In the last 13 games between Melwood and Anfield, Liverpool have won 10, drawn two and lost once – to Atletico Madrid.

While in 13 games between Kirkby and Anfield so far, Liverpool have only won four, drawn two and lost seven times.

For the players, their home is Melwood.