Mourinistas Give Mourinho Strength

FootyBiteMarch 27, 2021

LONDON: Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho says he has learned how to deal with those who question the way “one of the most important managers in football” works.

Mourinho has won numerous trophies throughout his career as manager of Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester United.

But lately, the 58 -year -old Portuguese operator has been more critical of his style of play and the way he is said to be outdated.

Spurs have been inconsistent this season but a number of wins in the English Premier League put them back in contention for next season’s Champions League qualification.

Mourinho, who recently said his coaching technique was the best, insisted he should not accept other people’s opinions and criticism is only part of the game.

“I don’t think people will discuss rocket science with them from NASA, with everyone in the world.

“They feel they can talk about football with one of the most important managers in football.

“That’s the beauty of the sport. I’m used to it. I really appreciate it. So I don’t care,” Mourinho said.

According to Mourinho the support of fans from all over the world gave him motivation.

“I get strength from myself but mostly from those I love and those who love me, even though many of them I don’t know and meet.

“I call them Mourinistas, because in Portugal we use‘ ista ’at the end of the name of the club we love, to show support.

“For example if you are from Porto you say Portista, if from Benfica you say Benficista and if you are from Mourinho you say Mourinista.

“I have a lot of Mourinistas around the world that I play for them,” he said.