Neymar Expected To Miss Barcelona Match

FootyBiteFebruary 13, 2021

Neymar will miss Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) visit his former club Barcelona in the Champions League (UCL) after being sidelined for four weeks.

The Ligue 1 club, which will go to Camp Nou next Tuesday, confirmed that the Brazilian-born player suffered a groin injury while winning the Coupe de France match against Caen last Wednesday.

Neymar’s recovery period is in the throes of a 16-round match with Barca, scheduled for March 10.

Neymar suffered an injury in the 60th minute of a 1-0 win, with the 29-year-old looking uncomfortable in the groin.

However, his teammate Moise Kean told Eurosport that ‘everything is fine’, head coach Mauricio Pochettino was less optimistic.

“The muscle in his left thigh is in trouble and they will check him to see what kind of injury he suffered,” he said.

“The reality is that we do not know the extent of the injuries, tomorrow we will find out more.”

PSG later issued a statement that Neymar suffered serious injuries.

“After clinical trial and scan analysis, Neymar is expected to need to rest for four weeks depending on the development of the injury.”

Neymar often suffered injuries at the same time in previous seasons during his time with PSG.

In 2018, Neymar suffered a toe injury in February, meaning he missed almost three months, with PSG losing 5-2 on aggregate to Real Madrid in the round of 16.

His last book injury then saw him rest from January to April 2019, where PSG were eliminated by Manchester United.