UEFA Warns Super League Clubs

FootyBiteApril 19, 2021

LONDON: European football governing body – UEFA has warned clubs linked to a separate Super League, that they will face suspension from domestic and international competition if they join a rivalry that will challenge the Champions League.

In a joint statement – the football federations of Spain, England, Italy and UEFA said they would consider “all measures” including the court if the club planned to hold a separate tournament.

“Clubs are worried they will be suspended from playing in any domestic, European or world level tournaments and their players could be denied the opportunity to represent the national team,” UEFA said.

UEFA is expected to present their own plans to expand and structure the Champions League today but less than 24 hours before the meeting, there are attempts to set up another tournament involving the continent’s major clubs.

Sky Sports reports Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea are among the six English Premier League clubs ready to be part of the plan.

“If this happens, we would like to make it clear that we – (and) FIFA as well as our association partners – will remain united in our efforts to block this project from being made for the benefit of some clubs when we need more consolidation than ever before,” UEFA said.